Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your art, and your creative process. 

I’m Lissy; I currently live in Orangeville, Ontario. Although I generally don’t like fantasy in books, movies, or video games, I am obsessed with it in photography and art. I like the draw of things that don’t exist, but really, really, should. That’s exactly what I think about when I create something. What doesn’t exist, but should?

What inspires you? 

The process of growing up, the dream of travelling the world, carnivals, children dressed as Alice, and Tim Burton.

What’s in your stereo right now? 

Deer by Manchester Orchestra. You’re lucky I actually listen to music while writing interviews.

Do you have a photograph of yours that’s a favorite? 

I really don’t.  Generally, my favourite picture is the most recent one I’ve taken.

What movie makes you laugh? 

New Moon. It was so bad.

Where can we find you on the web? 

Be sure to check out more photos by Lissy on Flickr and on her website

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