Thursday, July 8, 2010

DIY: Spray Paint Texture How To

To get the texture you see first spray paint the canvas with a solid color (blue in the pictures).  Wait for the paint to dry, about 20-30 minutes (it should give you an estimated time on the spray paint can).  Then cover the panel with a lace or fishnet stocking/tights.  I used a pair of lace stockings that had a flower pattern.  It is important to make sure the holes are not too small in whatever pattern you choose.  Stretch the stockings over the canvas until you are satisfied with the pattern and placement.  Secure the stockings in the back with a rubber band or clip. As you can see I placed the canvas on a plastic bag to keep it flat (because of the rubber band in the back it was tilted).  Then spray the second paint color (green in the pictures) either very lightly for more of a tie-dye look like in the hummingbird picture or completely coat for a more defined lace look as in the picture below.  Wait for spray paint to dry before removing the lace.  The lace may be somewhat stuck to the canvas, but it should easily peel off.  After you've finished the background texture you can then spray paint a stencil on top or whatever you would like!

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